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Why Do We Wear Wedding Rings?

What is this bejeweled band of gold or silver we wear on our "ring finger" and what does it stand for?  Early Romans offered a ring as a symbol of ownership (!!!) but I think we are way beyond that idea.  About 860 they became "symbols of the heart" or circles of endless love, which is much better than ownership. In Colonial America, instead of rings, which were too frivolous for the Purtians, a new wife was given a thimble. Almost back to ownership there.  We probably wear a ring on the 4th finger of our left hand because most people are right handed and that particular finger is the 2nd least used finger (our pinkie being the least used). In many countries, however, wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the right hand and in traditional Jewish ceremonies, the ring is placed on the brides index finger. Wherever the wedding ring is worn, did you know that in the United States 17 tons of gold are used each year to make our rings! Wow. Today rings are made every which way, out of anything conceivable, the choice being solely the new couples'. It's a good "good luck" symbol, it's meaning dripping in love.


Pretty In Pink

White isn't your only choice for a wedding dress. Danielle married Henning in a beautiful light pink gown and she was stunning.

We love you!

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We wanted a non-traditional, non-denominational wedding ceremony. The Honorable Sande Lynne was our perfect answer! — Anne and Peter Hoffman, Nashville, TN

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Congratulations to the new couples!

Danielle & Henning Seljenes, Raleigh NC

Rachael Posey & Matt Ogden, Raleigh NC

Shelby and David Mitcheson, Chapel Hill, NC

Deidre and Christopher Ciampa, Creedmoor, NC

Rebecca and Matt Cooley, Raleigh, NC

Laura and Darren Wigard, Willow Spring, NC

Deb and Merritt Barnett, Hillsborough NC